Short-Term Insurance

PWG Short Term Advisors have for many years been protecting your assets against the risks of theft, fire and other damage is achieved by way of short-term insurance.

PWG has one of the widest networks of Insurers on our books where we can Tailor make plans to suit our clients every need.

From the High Nett worth client all the way down to the smallest of SMME to our first time Car Buyer.

We have a package for you.

At PWG we provide the additional features that are normally not offered by our competitors through our wide range of insurers:

  • PWG Premium Protector. This Unique Product Ensures our clients Short Term Insurance Premiums against Death, Disability and Trauma Events
  • All Risk Unspecified Cover to the amount you select
  • IVP Protection cementing in your cars values for the years to come.
  • Cashback bonus, Free Emergency roadside assistance, Vehicle hire
  • Premiums that is based on individual needs
  • Guaranteed premiums for 12 months

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