We offer a very competitive service and will, for estates valued more than R250 000:
Apply for letters of executorship to be issued to him/her by the Master of the High Court;
When this is issued, take control of all assets of the deceased;
Close the deceased’s bank accounts;
Advertise for debtors and creditors;
Pay creditors;
Draft a liquidation and distribution (L&D) account; and
Distribute the deceased’s assets in accordance with the provisions of the will and as set out in the L&D account.

We understand that the time taken to wind up an estate will be influenced by the service levels of the executor of the estate and therefor we onky deal wiht people and service providers who are experienced when dealing with various institutions such as the office of the Master of the High Court, Sars, financial institutions and the deceased’s employer.

The Administration of Estates Act also prescribes certain processes which carry compulsory time periods.

The main ones are:
The advertisement period for debtors and creditors; and
The inspection period during which the estate account must be available for inspection at the relevant Master’s Office.

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