Testamenary and Living trusts are often the topic of small talk at social gatherings or on the golf course, but not many people know what they actually do. They do not know why one can consider a testamentary trust and what the benefits and limitations are. (They do have their place). There are also special trusts that are created for special needs. The living trust or Inter Vivos are “living” because they are created now, while you are alive.

You sign it and it becomes an enforceable document. Your living trust can be revocable or irrevocable. A revocable trust can be revoked or amended by you. An irrevocable trust cannot be changed by you once it is signed. Because an irrevocable trust cannot be changed, you want to be extra careful to understand its terms. The vast majority of people will start with a revocable trust.

PWG Advisory do a comprehensive assessment to ascertain which of these options are suitable to your needs.

There are various benefits that coukd be part of your objective; Reduction of estate taxes, protection of minor children, keeping assets in the family, avoiding probate, protect your family’s wealth privacy and even protecting oneself whilst you are alive.
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