Retirement annuity for a child or grandchild

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PWG had a stall at the 2023 Beeld retirement expo held on Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 June 2023 at The Maslow, Time Square, Menlyn Maine, Pretoria.

It was an opportunity to showcase our company, our advisors and our suite of products and solutions.

Our Risk and Wealth Planners and our Short-Term Advisors worked in shifts to connect with and answer questions from the public.

PWG offered a R5 000 lump sum Retirement Annuity Prize on a lucky draw basis. The prize winner could utilize the prize for him- / herself, a child or grandchild.

Compound interest over the long term can make a huge difference in the life of a child or grandchild!

The future value of a R5 000 lump sum exits annuity with no further contributions, at 10% investment return per year over different terms:


Future value

10 years

R12 968

20 years

R33 637

30 years

R87 247

40 years

R226 296

50 years

R586 954

The future value of a R300, R500 and R1 000 per month exit annuity that rises at the rate of inflation (6%) per year, at 10% investment return per year over different terms:


R300 pm contribution future value

R500 pm contribution future value

R1 000 pm contribution future value

10 years

R76 117

R126 862

R253 725

20 years

R333 744

R556 241

R1 112 482

30 years

R1 109 767

R184 961

R3 699 224

40 years

R3 315 632

R5 526 053

R11 052 107

50 years

R9 382 820

R15 638 034

R31 276 068

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